Yet another nice review

Another review (in dutch) of our cd “Three and One”, written by Jacques Los:

Very flattering indeed!

Jeroen de Valk on the Triplicate CD

Ellister van der Molen’s trumpet makes you forget the trumpet. You just hear music, good music with a lot of heart. Notes, weightless and yet confident, dancing on Eric Ineke’s brushes or sticks, creating melodies and intelligent variations on the spot.
As if blowing a trumpet with a warm sound, going through every chord change imaginable and swinging hard are no big deal at all. She’s a poet on her horn and reminds one of other lyrical trumpeters; Chet Baker and Kenny Wheeler in particular.

(Up in jazz heaven, Chet will be proud to hear someone continuing his tradition of lyricism with a rhythm section he would have hired immediately, and a band as a whole who knows how to handle Gnid, one of his favourite Dameron-tunes. Wheeler, who is still very much with us, is honoured with his own ‘Everybody’s song but my own’.)

There is also a touch of swing trumpet in her playing. While visiting her website, I wasn’t surprised noticing she collaborates also with Dixieland veteran Dim Kesber.

In any style, Ellister is herself – a wonderful musician who, hopefully, will continue recording as a leader after this impressive debut.

Jeroen de Valk

Three and One available on CdBaby and Itunes

“Three and One” is a very pleasant surprise by three young musicians and an “old hand”. Trumpeter Ellister van der Molen, pianist Bob Wijnen and bassist Johnny Daly had been gigging as a trio, when they sought support of master drummer, conservatory teacher and motivator Eric Ineke as inspiration for their début cd.
Triplicate plus one is a quartet that isn’t about trends but is, instead, driven by pure musicianship and a deep love for jazz music. This deep love is one that connects tradition with a freshness that is rooted in the present.

Now for sale on iTunes and!

About the design of our CD

Three and OneDutch design companie De Zagerij is responsable for the design of our CD. We are very happy indeed! This is what they say about it themselves (written in dutch).

Nice CD review by Hans Koert

Hans Koert, a dutch jazzblogger, reviewed our CD.

Thanks, Hans!

Een tijdje geleden in Den Haag Centraal

Den Haag Centraal

Aldus Bert Jansma in de Den Haag Centraal van 3 december als aankondiging van de cd presentatie van Triplicate.

Videootje van de cd presentatie

Mijn vader heeft meerdere video’s gemaakt op deze avond waar dit er een van is. Meer video’s kan je vinden op You Tube.

CD presentatie Triplicate

Uitnoding CD presentatie Triplicate

CD news

So we have mixed the Triplicate cd! End of the month we’ll do the mastering and next week is the fotoshoot. I’m very excited!! I bought a beautiul dress and naughty shoes to go with it hmmmmmmmm!

We have the dot-nl and a good dutch text on its way…. things are going pretty well you might say!
I’ll post a tiny little preview soon… to be continued!

Triplicate featuring Eric Ineke, CD recording completed

CD logoNow for the mixing etc! We had a great weekend recording at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück. I have a very good feeling about the results. YEAH!

We recorded a pleasant mixture of originals and lesser known standards (by a.o. Jim Hall and Kenny Wheeler.)

Triplicate = Ellister + Bob Wijnen + Johnny Daly
Special guest = Eric Ineke
The cd title = three and one