News letter in the news paper

Last week I sent a news letter to all subscribers. I regularly send letters, mostly to inform people about concerts in their region (I wouldn’t want to bother people from the north of the country with small concerts in the south and vice versa). This time however I had some concerts on bigger festivals to announce and also other interesting things to tell.

It’s amazing how many nice reactions I received! But – even more to my surprise – I got to be mentioned in the weekly jazz column of Bert Jansma in The Hagues regional quality paper Den Haag Centraal. Bert quotes more than a bit of the newsletter.Den Haag Centraal - Dikke zoen van Bert (artikel)

For those who feel dissappointed not having received the letter: you can view it here (sorry, this one I only made in dutch). Interested in a subscription? Just click the button and let me know which concerts you would like to be informed on.

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