Monthly Archives: February 2011

Some dates

27-02 Triplicate De Rustende Jager Nieuw Vennep
11-03 Zule Max De Viage Brussel
13-03 Leticia y su Rumbadama Paradox Tilburg
02-04 Triplicate Jazzpodium Waterweg Schiedam
03-04 Alice In Dixieland Jazzclub Uden

Three and One available on CdBaby and Itunes

“Three and One” is a very pleasant surprise by three young musicians and an “old hand”. Trumpeter Ellister van der Molen, pianist Bob Wijnen and bassist Johnny Daly had been gigging as a trio, when they sought support of master drummer, conservatory teacher and motivator Eric Ineke as inspiration for their début cd.
Triplicate plus one is a quartet that isn’t about trends but is, instead, driven by pure musicianship and a deep love for jazz music. This deep love is one that connects tradition with a freshness that is rooted in the present.

Now for sale on iTunes and!

Arminius Church

Arminius ChurchThe Highest peak had been reached: such a huge project it is, restoring the Arminius church in Rotterdam. The work is far from over, but the reaching of the highest point and the placing of “the ship” on top of the church can be seen as a definite reason for a party.
That’s why I was asked to play some formal trumpet music there last Friday, to highlight the moment. This picture was taken before the ceremony, just chitchatting a bit with the municipal councillor. Very happy faces, don’t you think.

Triplicate on YouTube

Triplicate plays Bill Evans:

Turn out the Stars.

Ellister van der Molen – trumpet
Bob Wijnen – piano
Johnny Daly – bass
Eric Ineke – drums