Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mailing list

Recently I have been trying out a new mailing list provider. This one allowes me to make different groups, which is great because I don’t want to bother people with concerts that are 300 km away. I formed 16 different regions and people can choose now of which concert they would like to be informed.

The following button leads to the subscription form. Of coarse you can change your information or unscubscribe at any time. Have a look and try it out!

On the radio

At this very moment I’m listening back the radio broadcast radio maker Casper van Eick sent me of his program ‘Jazz op de Dijk’. He plays tracks of dutch jazz musicians including Sanna van Vliet, Yuri Honing and Triplicate :)

Radio 6 logoLast week I could be heard on radio station “radio6″ with the “E.J. de Graaff Group”.  The stream can be found on Scrolling to 02:37:40 will lead you to “just one of those things”.

Next Tuesday another Triplicate track will be on the air at Arrow FM hosted by Rolf Delfos and Bart Wirtz. Tune in at 22.00 I would say!

March 11th I’ll be back at “Jazz in the Morning”, Radio6. They’ll be playing one or more tracks from the Triplicate cd, and I believe even some music from the latest cd of the all female band “Alice in Dixieland”, in which I have been taking part since 1998.

Update: the broadcast of “Jazz in the Morning” can be heard through