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Sometimes reality takes an advance on what you wish for. With this band (we haven’t even decided on a name yet) we first had gigs and only then started rehearsing. End the more we rehearse (today was our second rehearsal), the more I feel this is something I really like!Latin4 at rehearsal

Latin4 at the rehearsal

You might call it a hobby project, as we all do it strictly for pleasure. But honoustly I think there’s more to it. One thing to cherish is the fact that we have all started writing songs for the band. Another is that we all can try out anything. Openmindness galore!

Jens at the rehearsal

Jens at the rehearsal

The line-up consists of people with a broad view when it comes to music. Other bands that the members play in are – amongst other and in no particular order – Kern Koppen, Zule Max, Soul Solution, Bongomatik, Triplicate, Cubop City Bigband. It was the jam sessions of the Hague that brought us together; we love to maintain that looseness in playing, no matter how sophisticated the arrangement.

  • Ellister – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Bob Wijnen – keys
  • Jens Kerkhoff – percussion
  • Adinda Meertins – bass