Monthly Archives: April 2018

Modji crowdfunding

Have you met Modji yet? No? I think you will like it, and I think this will be a hit on all festivals!

Soon we’ll release our first album (on vinyl!): Epifania. Produced by Stefan Schmid and with all originals by Yannick van ter Beek and Ramon Mendeville. Although the Sena was kind enough to help out a bit with the financing we are still short of a bit money for the recording. This is your chance to participate! Go to the crowdfunding page of Voordekunst to read the whole story.



One of my favourite projects at this moment is RED, the organ quartet I started some time ago with Bob Wijnen. I’m so proud of the material we have so far!

If you like what you see en/or hear, please feel invited to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, buy our CD “Ahooo!” through our site or via iTunes and stream us through Spotify.