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Jazz in Europe interview

I must admit: I’m a wee bit late with posting, but how nice this interview that was published on the jazz in Europe website!

Ellister van der Molen is one of the few female trumpeters at the top of her game within the European jazz scene.  In recent years she’s also been a regular player in theater productions.  Starting with the performance ‘A Night at the Club’, followed by ‘Swingin’ Harlem’. In ‘Swingin Harlem’ famous Dutch jazz musicians recreate an atmosphere reminiscent of jazz clubs in the New York district of Harlem before the Second World War. The theatrical performances also aim to stimulate the interest in jazz in the Netherlands.

She has produced a number of fine CDs as a leader and recently was part of a new band producing the album ‘RED’. It has a soulful jazz flavor and [click here for the complete interview]