Smalls NYC

Smalls NYC release party

I can’t wait to play with Jeremy, Jos and Matthias again!

Just a bit more than two weeks from now we’ll be hitting the North Sea Jazz Festival. I’m really excited! It’ll be a good crowd, since that very Saturday has been sold out for weeks already. Too bad for those who didn’t manage to buy their tickets on time. But I have good news for you: before we do that, we’ll play an extra show in The Hague with the same band to officially celebrate the release.

Extra concert

July 10th 2014 | 8.30pm | Bloom | Koninginnegracht 28 | Den Haag

There’ll be good quality wines, special beers, little snacks and of course a beautiful grand piano to make sure the music sounds to it’s best.

  • Ellister van der Molen – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Jeremy Manasia – piano
  • Jos Machtel – bass
  • Matthias De Waele – drums

The amount of seats is limited, so I do advise to buy your tickets in advance.
Hope to see you there!

Radio interview Mijke & Co Live

Radio6 logoLast Friday I was at the Radio6 studio to promote my new CD “Smalls NYC” that I’ll be launching next month. I felt very happy because the radio presenter Co de Kloet – who is actually a well known producer – knows a lot about music. This made the conversation very interesting. Of course we played quite some tracks from the CD, but Co by surprised me by playing an old recording of the KC bigband directed by Bob Florence (May 20, 1932 – May 15, 2008). To prove to the listeners that this year won’t be my first performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival, he and his team had found a radio broadcast from 1997 where I play a trumpet solo on “Laura”. I can’t believe it’s that long ago!

The interview (in dutch) is approximately an hour and starts around the 34th minute.

radio6 interview

North Sea Jazz Festival

Great news!


North Sea Jazz Festival LogoOn July 12th the Ellister van der Molen Quartet will be performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Later today the complete NSJF program will be announced. I am so happy and proud to be part of it!


  • Ellister van der Molen – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Jeremy Manasia – piano
  • Jos Machtel – bass
  • Matthias De Waele – drums
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Smalls in the media

Smalls NYC cover art

Smalls NYC

The first reviews of Smalls NYC are there. One of the major online jazz magazines in the Netherlands, Jazzflits praises the band’s relaxed and swinging performance and the modern approach of bebop. Rinus van der Heijden states in Jazzenzo that although the music is not revolutionary new, the level of playing is high and we all challenge each other to play exciting solos.

In the meanwhile we have been on the radio already a few times: Radio6 – Jazz in the morning, De Concertzender – Holland Jazz, Sublime FM – Dutch Jazz and several local radio stations.

Also curious how the cd sounds? You can stream the whole cd for free on the bottom of the product page and buy it if you decide you like it.

Smalls NYC in Aalsmeer: a review

Look at this nice review!

I shall try and translate:

This Saturday evening the quartet of trumpettist Ellister van der Molen played in Café Bacchus. Together with drummer Thorsten Grau and bassplayer Jos Machtel they played work by pianist Jeremy Manasia, who completes the quartet.
The visitors got a surprise of elegant themes, reminding of the sounds of the Miles Davis Quartet in the ’50s, Jeremy Manasia replaced all by himself both Cannonball Adderley and Coltrane behind the piano.
His playing is connected to that of Monk: deliberately dissonant and carefully next to the dominant tempo and by doing so of a sometimes overwhelming beauty. That makes Manasias work not only elegant, but thrilling as well, because the music is not predictable.
Ellister and her band will be playing several venues in the Netherlands and Belgium. The tour schedule can be found at Whoever has the chance…

In dutch:

AALSMEER – Afgelopen zaterdagavond stond het kwartet rond trompettiste Ellister van der Molen in Café Bacchus. Zij speelde met slagwerker Thorsten Grau en bassist Jos Machtel werk van pianist en componist Jeremy Manasia, die het kwartet completeert.

De bezoekers werden verrast met elegante thema’s die deden denken aan het geluid van Miles Davis Quintet uit de jaren ’50. Jeremy Manasie verving in zijn eentje Canonball Adderly en Coltrane achter de piano.

Zijn spel is verwant aan dat van Monk: weloverwogen dissonant en zorgvuldig naast het dominante tempo en daardoor van een soms verbijsterende schoonheid. Dit maakt het werk van Manasia niet alleen elegant, maar ook spannend, omdat de de muziek niet voorspelbaar is.

Ellister en haar band spelen in de komende tijd in verschillende zalen in Nederland en België. Het tourschema staat op Wie de kans heeft …

review of our Aalsmeer concert

Amstelland Dichtbij May 27th, 2013

Crowdfunding in the Press

Dutch jazz journalist Bert Jansma always writes nice columns about the The Hague jazzscene. This time he devoted a major part to crowdfunding, taking my project Smalls NYC as an example. The article – which is written in dutch – also highlights some recent moves in my carreer such as Java Jazz, the Youtube film with Gerard Gibbs (organ), Pete Thornton (percussion) and James Carter (sax) and recent as well as coming concerts in Holland.

To help crowdfund the project, please go to my page on Voordekunst.

article about crowdfunding in Den Haag Centraal

Den Haag Centraal 20-04-2012

Ellister in the press

Recently two new articles were published about me.

Screenshot of the Radio6 Jong webpage

Screenshot of the page

First of all Jazz Jong wrote about my Smalls NYC project on their website. Very cool!



Even more cool: Coen de Jonge interviewed me for the latest edition of the Jazz Bulletin. Three pages that’s serious business I would say! Click the interview for a readable version.

interview in Jazz Bulletin

Coen de Jonge interview with Ellister



Crowdfunding… some hard work!

Big news! For the CD recording of the Smalls NYC project next spring I am setting up a crowdfunding action. Soon you’ll be able to read all about it on the Voordekunst website.

Today we shot material for the promotion video. Me playing trumpet and telling my story at several spots in the city center of The Hague. Not the smartest day for filming outside: it was very cold and there was a considerate amount of snow covering town. At some point just all limbs go numb. But how funny and absurd the feeling was! Can’t wait to see the result!