Son del Sofa

Gerardo calls it “Vintage Sound Montuno“: honest music without tricks. And that is exactly what it is. Expect a lot of fun on stage, a high level of musicianship and danceable music.

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Son del Sofa

We often talk about certain songs and about how the soneros used to interpret those beautiful melodies, Boleros and Sones. Those improvisations that come into being on the couch in a sitting room, guitar in one hand, a bottle of rum in the other, singing from the heart; always in the presence of memories, nostalgia and love.I am a fan of Cuban Son and the time has come to follow the tradition.It is my pleasure to present to you: the Son del Sofa ” Vintage Sound Montuno” with, on tres guitar, Pedro Pardo, born in Santiago de Cuba and part of the history of the Casa de la Trova Santiaguera; Eduardo Alfonso, born in Havana Cuba, an enormously spiritual singer and former member of Sensación de Cuba; Ellister van de Molen, Holland, a Lady of jazz with a Latin heart, adding a touch of sweetness with her presence and the notes from her flugelhorn; Samuel Ruiz, the bassist who has served as a base for the biggest Salsa stars that passed through Europe; and yours truly, Gerardo Rosales, on bongo and tumba, grateful for having had the pleasure to play with Bebo Valdés, Oscar D’León and many great artists who have urged me to continue in this wonderful world of music. Son del Sofa is honest, direct, acoustic, creative and simple. No technological tricks here. We wanted to be faithful to the 1940s, so we have recorded with a microphone, and this release, with matching video on YouTube, is the proof that what you see is a live performance.
Live music does not lie. Son del Sofa “Vintage Sound Montuno”, today’s yesterday!


Gerardo Rosales: tumba & bongo
Ellister van de Molen: flugelhorn
Eduardo Alfonso:vocal & guiro
Pedro Pardo: tres
Samuel Ruiz: bass

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