Crowdfunding RED album NOLA has started!

RED is releasing a new album coming November. And we are thrilled that it will be more than an audio release alone: Quirine Reijman made an illustration for every track so it will become a book-album!

The album is called NOLA as it is inspired by the music of New Orleans. Last November Bob Wijnen and me paid a visit to this city where all jazz related music originates and the experiences there truly changed our view on music.

Normally we would be able to play many concerts to support the costs of the production. This year everything is different. That’s why we launched a crowdfunding on Voordekunst. Your support would be highly appreciated!


Modji crowdfunding

Have you met Modji yet? No? I think you will like it, and I think this will be a hit on all festivals!

Soon we’ll release our first album (on vinyl!): Epifania. Produced by Stefan Schmid and with all originals by Yannick van ter Beek and Ramon Mendeville. Although the Sena was kind enough to help out a bit with the financing we are still short of a bit money for the recording. This is your chance to participate! Go to the crowdfunding page of Voordekunst to read the whole story.


Dizzy Gillespie in Amsterdam

Kasper Kalf, Ellister van der Molen and Joep Lumeij

Celebrating 100 years of Dizzy

Dizzy Gillespie: one of the great reformers of jazz music. An intelligent player who always played enjoyable music. Happy tunes with a quirky twist, don’t we just love that!
With Joep Lumeij and Kasper Kalf on double bass we’ll pay a tribute to his music. From Groovin’ High to Manteca, from Night in Tunesia to Oo-Bop-Sh’Bam, from Con Alma to a joyful vocal shoutchorus in the Sunny Side of the Street: we are looking forward to it!


A thrilling afternoon where all senses will be stimulated. I’m very proud of this spring fever event that Offbeat and Fruitvis are organising together! Spring is all about a promise of bloom which is yet to come. Guests Thierry Reniers & Inge Aanstoot and Sebastiaan van Bavel will give food for thought and chef Gilbert Kolff will make sure there is some real food! To end the evening in a joyful mood uplifting soulful hammond jazz band RED! will be playing. As I said: very excited!


Een middag vol prikkelende kunst, muziek en heerlijk eten

Lente → ontluikende, nieuwe, frisse dingen. Soms dingen waarvan je nog niet weet waar het heen gaat (lelijk eendje wordt een mooie zwaan) maar ook frisse liefde, optimisme, vruchtbaarheid, nu zaaien om later te oogsten… nog niet volgroeide knoppen

Kriebels → dat wat net niet vanzelf lekker voelt. Prikkelend, aantrekken en afstoten tegelijk.

Laat die lente maar komen! Offbeat Collective en de Fruitvis in Rotterdam slaan de handen ineen om jou op een zondagmiddag vol kunst, muziek en lekker eten te trakteren. Met uiteenlopende gasten als Sebastiaan van Bavel, Inge Aanstoot en Thierry Reniers (wat maakt hen nieuwsgierig en wat/wie motiveert hen?) en een slotoptreden van RED! Uplifting soulful jazz met Ellister van der Molen, Bob Wijnen en Wouter Kühne. Fruitvis chef-kok Gilbert Kolff wakkert het lentegevoel aan tafel nog wat extra aan.

De gasten:

Pianist Sebastiaan van Bavel schrijft muziek die niet per se licht verteerbaar is voor het grote publiek. Zijn compositiestructuren zijn ingewikkelder dan gebruikelijk in de jazz. Toch is het Sebastiaan uitdrukkelijk niet te doen om intellectualisme. Hij is continu nieuwsgierig naar technieken en kunstvormen (Frans impressionisme, Indiase klassieke muziek, Engelse poëzie) en laat zich daardoor inspireren. Laat je verrassen door een kort solorecital met uitleg van de componist zelf.

Galeriehouder Thierry Reniers van galerie Vonkel is heel actief in talentscouting en -ontwikkeling. Daarnaast is hij medeorganisator van Art The Hague.

  • Op basis waarvan kiest hij met wie hij gaat samenwerken en wanneer is iets echt vernieuwend? En hoe vernieuwend moet iets echt zijn?
  • Een van zijn meest succesvolle kunstenaars is Inge Aanstoot. Zij heeft inmiddels een aanzienlijke reputatie opgebouwd in de Nederlandse beeldende kunst. Haar werken zijn heel herkenbaar, met terugkerende thema’s die voor haar een eigen symboliek hebben.

RED! is een no-nonsense band die vooral de onderbuikgevoelens wil stimuleren zonder daarbij tot lege simpliciteit te komen. Een feel-good afsluiting van de middag waarbij ook gedanst kan worden.

Wanneer?    zondag 2 april 16:00 uur (deur open om 15:00 uur)

Waar?        De Fruitvis, Marconistraat 43 Rotterdam; gratis parkeren en vlakbij OV

Entree        €17,50 (concert +hapjes; diner apart te bestellen)

Reserveer nu!

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picture by Maurits van Hout

RED! is one of my newer projects and it’s very dear to me. February 12th we’ll be playing in Leusden, I’ll keep you posted on concerts to follow.

Red stands for energetic, passionate, tempestuous and sexy. Red is also the colour of Bob Wijnen’s instrument.
In the spotlight are trumpeter Ellister van der Molen and the very talented saxophonist Gideon Tazelaar, while organist Bob Wijnen and drummer Wouter Kühne form the engine of this steaming band.The solo careers of all four musicians are impressive: Bob recently recorded his first cd in New York with a.o. Peter Bernstein and Billy Drummond, Ellister is touring with the successful theater show New York Round Midnight and several own projects Gideon is widely acknowledged as the new Dutch tenor saxophone talent and Wouter is studying with the very best of the New York jazz scene.
The result of all of this is uplifting, soulful jazz. Red! stands by Art blakey’s statement: “We’re here to have a ball”.

Ellister van der Molen – trumpet and flugelhorn
Gideon Tazelaar – tenorsax
Bob Wijnen – organ
Wouter Kühne – drums

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Breda Jazz Festival 2016

I am very happy and proud to be one of the festival soloists of this year’s edition of the Breda Jazz Festival. I’m very much looking forward to this! As many people have asked me for exact details about where I will be playing when, here is a little overview. More information can be found on the festival website.


14:00 – 15:45
Festival Surprise Band o.l.v. Jean van Lint (INT)
Jean Van Lint (BE)(b)(leader); Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Lars Frank (NW)(reeds); Dirk van der Linden (BE)(g/p); Hans van Oosterhout (NL)(dr)
Forza Refurbished podium – Havermarkt

19:30 – 21:30
Festival Surprise Band o.l.v. Dirk van der Linden (INT)
Dirk van der Linden (BE)(p)(leader); Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Jonny Boston (UK)(reeds); Peter Mingaars (NL)(g); Jean Van Lint (BE)(b/voc); Hans van Oosterhout (NL)(dr)
Grote Markt noord



14:00 – 16:00
Frits Bayens Big Band feat. Ellister van der Molen (NL)
Holland Casino podium – Grote Markt

20:00 – 21:45
Festival Surprise Band o.l.v. Béla Szalóky (INT)
Béla Szalóky (HU)(tb)(leader); Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Jonny Boston (UK)(reeds); Peter Mingaars (NL)(g); Joep Peeters (NL)(p); Jean Van Lint (BE)(b/voc); Danny Coots (US)(dr)
Holland Casino podium – Grote Markt



13:45 – 15:45
Festival Surprise Band o.l.v. Lindy Huppertsberg (INT)
Lindy Huppertsberg (DE)(b)(leader); Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Eiji Hanaoka (JP)(reeds); Ian Bateman (UK)(tb); Peter Mingaars (NL)(g); Harry Kanters (NL)(p); Hans van Oosterhout (NL)(dr)
Princess Traveller podium – Spanjaardsgat

20:00 – 22:15
Festival Suprise Band o.l.v. Ellister van der Molen (INT)
Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp)(leader); Jonny Boston (UK)(reeds); Béla Szalóky (HU)(tb); Ben Paterson (US)(p); Jean Van Lint (BE)(b/voc); Hans van Oosterhout (NL)(dr)
Grote Markt zuid



13:00 – 14:45
Festival Soloists (INT)
Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Ben Paterson (US)(p); Jean
14.00-14.45 Van Lint (BE)(b/voc)
‘t Sas terras

15:45 – 16:30
Festival Surprise Band o.l.v. Jean Van Lint (INT)
Jean Van Lint (BE)(b/voc)(leader); Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Jonny Boston (UK)(reeds); Béla Szalóky (HU)(tb); Ben Paterson (US)(p);); Hans van Oosterhout (NL)(dr)
‘t Sas pleintje

17:45 – 18:45
Festival Surprise Soloists Final Session (INT)
Ellister van der Molen (NL)(tp); Jonny Boston (UK)(reeds); Frank Roberscheuten (NL)(reeds); Ben Paterson (US)(p); Lindy Huppertsberg (DE)(b); Sebastien Girardot (FR)(b); Guillaume Nouaux (FR)(dr) + special guests
‘t Sas pleintje


Being a musician nowadays means you have a lot of things to take care of besides just playing well. There are many side activities that are definitely part of the job and that take up a whole lot of time and energy. Being part of a team surely can speed up things. So that’s why Bob Wijnen, Cătălin Milea and I started a new collective: OFFBEAT.

Offbeat is a musicians’ collective offering a broad range of musical directions. Their goal is to spread news, knowledge, to promote their artistry, to create and expand their networking in the music field and other domains. As a team all members complement each other’s talents and compensate each other’s weaknesses.

We had our first introduction this year at the Ujazz Festival, where Cătălin and I turned a collective improvisation into a playful jazzquiz. Next April we’ll have a stand at Jazzahead where we’ll all promote our projects. But before that let’s officially launch this baby with a real

Offbeat event

To really make a festive launch, we’re organizing a mini festival on March 15th in the Amsterdam Badcuyp.

The program

The Bob Wijnen / Dezron Douglas Duo first played together last November in New York, when recording for Wijnens soon to be released album. The other musicians on that CD are by the way Peter Bernstein and Billy Drummond. You can expect a sneak peak of that repertoire!

Saxophonist and clarinettist Cătălin Milea and his Romanian Jazz Collective will be exploring the ‘song book’ of Romanian jazz, performing exclusively compositions of less known or even unknown Romanian jazz musicians. Considered subversive music during the Comunist period in Romania of the 70’s and the 80’s, ‘jazz’ was somehow a way of fighting against the regime. The legacy of this music is performed today by Romanian Jazz Collective, using a modern musical language through the group’s own arrangements.

Grand Finale will be the Unity Project: a tribute to the legendary Blue Note album of the same name (with Woody Shaw, Joe Henderson, Larry Young and Elvin Jones). Besides Ellister van der Molen and Bob Wijnen the striking appeances in this group are seventeen year old saxophonist Gideon Tazelaar and drummer Marcel Serierse.

March 15th  | 15.00 – 18.00 | Badcuyp | Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10 | 1073CM | Amsterdam

Gluren bij de Buren

poster gluren bij de buren

Gluren bij de buren

December 14th several Amersfoort livingrooms open their doors for live music and together with Alexander Beets, Jan Reinen en Steve Zwanink I shall be taking part in this! When Alexander sent me the poster as a pdf I was almost shocked to have my picture so prominently featured! I guess I’ll have some expectations to live up to :)

Hope to see you all there!

Dr. Abraham Kuyperlaan 29, Amersfoort

15.15 | 16.30 | 17.30

Smalls NYC release party

I can’t wait to play with Jeremy, Jos and Matthias again!

Just a bit more than two weeks from now we’ll be hitting the North Sea Jazz Festival. I’m really excited! It’ll be a good crowd, since that very Saturday has been sold out for weeks already. Too bad for those who didn’t manage to buy their tickets on time. But I have good news for you: before we do that, we’ll play an extra show in The Hague with the same band to officially celebrate the release.

Extra concert

July 10th 2014 | 8.30pm | Bloom | Koninginnegracht 28 | Den Haag

There’ll be good quality wines, special beers, little snacks and of course a beautiful grand piano to make sure the music sounds to it’s best.

  • Ellister van der Molen – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Jeremy Manasia – piano
  • Jos Machtel – bass
  • Matthias De Waele – drums

The amount of seats is limited, so I do advise to buy your tickets in advance.
Hope to see you there!

North Sea Jazz Festival

Great news!


North Sea Jazz Festival LogoOn July 12th the Ellister van der Molen Quartet will be performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Later today the complete NSJF program will be announced. I am so happy and proud to be part of it!


  • Ellister van der Molen – trumpet and flugelhorn
  • Jeremy Manasia – piano
  • Jos Machtel – bass
  • Matthias De Waele – drums
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